Last days of October

long post with several questionable-quality photos

Thank you for the birthday wishes. They warmed my heart.

Florenz is finally finished. My LYS had a shipment of the yarn that I needed to finish the toe. This was fun to knit. I really enjoy slipped stitch patterns.

Pattern: Florenz from the yahoo group Socken-Kreativ-Liste
Needles: Magic Loop style, US#1 for the leg and foot, US#0 for the heel and toe.
Yarn: La Petite Knitterie Hand Painted Merino Sock Yarn (a beautiful peachy color), and Wildfoote sock yarn in the color Moss.

Last weekend I went to see my daughter at college. She had one of the lead roles in the fall production. I went up early Saturday morning so that I would have time to indulge myself with a little side trip....Carlton, Oregon. What is in Carlton? Woodland Woolworks!

This is wine country. There are tasting rooms all along the way to Carlton.

This is also farming country

This unassuming sign and pretty flower box adorn the door that opens into a wonderland of spinning wheels and fibery goodness.
The reason for my visit to Woodland was to see the spinning wheels. It helped to see them up close and personal, and I have made my choice. The Lendrum ST spoke to me and so I will be saving for a little while longer in order to bring one home.

I also finished a pair of Fireside socks using Rowan Big Wool...
I was sewing the leather patches on the bottom right up to the last minute and so I did not get a picture of my daughter modeling them. Just simple socks, cast on 28, stockinette heel flap, nothing fancy, quick knit. Big, warm bed/slipper socks. I want to use this yarn for a pair of mittens.

I bought another project bag last week (I think I have a weakness). The etsy store is called Superbuzzy. This is a small, short knitting bag. It is SO fun...

Up in the pink by the trees it says, "The sunshine is shining radiantly down on the trees". Down in the brown under the buses it says, "We are driving with friends on this sunny day".
even the bottom is fun...
AND one of the best surprises I have had in a long time....
Yesterday I walked in the door after teaching class and a package was waiting for me in the living room.
EEEEEEeeeeeeeeee POSH YARN! A gift all the way from the UK. The color is GORGEOUS, perfect. Even my son said "wow". There wasn't a note with it, but I know who would have sent it. My thanks to Susan - your taste in yarn is awesome. Thank you thank you.


At 10/30/2007 , Blogger Jerry said...

The Florenz socks are beautiful! So happy to see the Capistrano Fiber Arts Yarn being used so well. You didn't say how the Show was or take any proud Mom pictures to share with all of us.. :)

The project bag looks cute. I've seen a few project bags and I understand, You can never have too many shoes, to much yarn or too many purses/project bags lol

Congrats on the Lendrum Selection, I'm still up in the air and leaning towards the Fricke S160 folding, probably get it from Woodland Woolworks too.

Is this your first Posh Yarn? It looks like Lucia sock yarn. mmmmmm so nice! Swatch it in the round and let it speak to you! You know, "once you knit with Posh, their is no turning back" Lovely Peacock coloring too! Susan must be very special to have sent you such magnificient yarn. We're so happy for you! Can't want to see what it becomes!!!!!!

At 10/31/2007 , Blogger Violiknit said...

Yeay! I'm so happy you found the yarn to finish those gorgeous socks! Nice pics of your visit to Carlton. Very cute knitting bag, and beautiful Posh yarn!

At 11/01/2007 , Blogger susan said...

It is Lucia. It's my favourite yarn that Dee and Tony do.

My christmas present last year was the sock club from Posh Yarn and I still have some Lucia to use up.

So glad you are happy with it.


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