Tweedy jacket is finished

The Tweedy jacket, aka Tuscana jacket, was finished Saturday just in time for unusually warm weather. The wool is wonderful, not scratchy, and cozy warm. My love for wool continues to grow. Picture soon. Sunday a friend, who I met at my LYS, invited me to her home to show me how to spin. It was a great afternoon filled with spinning and Kool-Aid fumes from dyeing yarn. (Who would have thought that peddling takes so much coordination.) Wow, what fun. This person has developed a sophisticated sense of color and I am often amazed by the way she pulls colors together. I bought a color wheel - gotta start somewhere.


At 12/12/2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess my nudge worked. I think alot of the people who spin either have the knack for color or develop it. My friend who showed me dyes the most beautiful colors. I've been looking a the color wheels but havent yet taken the plunge. Do you mind me asking what brand and model wheel she had? Any comments pro or con?

Congrats on the FO will we see a happy model posing in her fabulous new sweater? I love wool as long as you can wear it and not feel scratchy.


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