Slowing down on Sunday

Sunday was a day of rest. I made a nest on the sofa and settled in. I skipped to the end of the Book and read about how the Good and Loving defeats the evil and hateful. I watched Sastre win the Tour in Paris. Matilda got to live with Miss Honey. Dorothy wore the ruby slippers. Mr. Deeds (Gary Cooper) forgave the woman who broke his heart. I tried to not knit but I couldn't help myself (my hand has been feeling used and abused). I enjoy knitting this Honeybee stole in the honey-colored yarn. It is not a color I would normally choose, but in this case I could not resist it.

A friend said that if I show anyone this knitting I need to explain that the pink yarn is just the crochet chain for my provisional cast on and will be removed. I think the color combination made her cringe.


At 7/30/2008 , Anonymous lynda said...

Ooh, I love days like that. This Saturday I spent the entire day watching the Love Comes Softly series while the hubby was gone. It felt rather decadent, but I did my housework first, so told myself it was okay. He'll be gone again this Saturday.... hmmm, what'll I watch/knit?

At 7/30/2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

After a busy day today, I might just have a me day, though playing with my new toy, Ruth. We got her home safely. She needs a clean and an oil, and I'll have to clean and oil the wheel and flyer before I use her.

But she's wonderful to me and she's a spinning wheel.

Named Ruth after my first to be published sock pattern, which was named after Ruth from the Old Testament.

One of my biblical heroines, I'll think of that Ruth every time I use this Ruth.

At 7/30/2008 , Blogger Lynn said...

Slowing down is an excellent thing that happens all too rarely chez moi.

I don't think I've seen Mr. Deeds in 30 years!

I think you should tell your friend that the pink yarn is a design feature which represents all the lovely pink flowers from which the bees make honey...


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