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Be the fiber.....

This is a friend whom I met up with at Black Sheep Gathering last month. She is a traveling nurse and recently came back to the west coast. She knits, crochets, spins, and dyes fiber, and she taught me a lot about color when we attended the same knitting group.

Never give up, never surrender......
There are 3 of us chanting that now - me, my zucchini, and the bugs who want to colonize my humble zucchini patch. We have all taken heavy losses.

Bee Blessed.....

When I planted my lavender patch I had no idea that I was actually growing a bee garden. I often see at least 6 different kinds of bees in my lavender. They are all very good natured and busy busy.

I have a bobbin of 2-ply handspun BFL that I cannot wind off because my niddynoddy broke. I am anxious to see how it knits up. The summer term started this week and now life outside of work seems to be on hold. I hope to be able to make time for knitting in between teaching and typing.


At 7/13/2008 , Blogger Yarnhog said...

You can wind it off on a long strip of cardboard or plastic. I used to wind mine onto a piece of cardboard cut from the lid of a packing box before I bought my niddy noddy and it worked fine.


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