The Jaywalker sock in Knitpicks Memories Redwood Forest is coming along and I am very happy with the pattern and the yarn. My first Jaywalker! I am using the larger size (cast on 84) and size 2 circular needle for the cuff, as I was concerned about the sock being snug when my ankle swells. I may switch to the size 1 needle on the foot portion but I have not decided yet - it depends on whether I choose to carry the pattern down the foot.

I was forced to use the new version of Blogger - I was not given a choice. I read Google's privacy policy and was not satisfied with it. Yes, I know I have an online diary about my knitting that is public, but it is the other data that they say they collect that I have a problem with. Maybe this would be listed in the meme entitled "Six weird things about me".



At 1/30/2007 , Blogger MollyKnits said...

I really have to get around to making a pair of Jaywalkers. I always just make plain socks. It isn't that I don't have much imagination. I make them at work where I need something simple and mindless to keep me from going bonkers.


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