Mittens WIP

The house is not warm enough to dry things and so I am enlisting help from the woodstove. This is one of the Scala mittens blocking. This is the project that was supposed to be socks but wanted to be mittens instead.


At 1/07/2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry you are fighting the cold right now. We had the 80's here today, not to brag because I'm flying to Ohio in the morning. Have you seen the scunci steamer? We bought one just to block and do some light felting. Hope we get an action photo or at least a close up of the yarn. Stay warm and love the post.

At 1/08/2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you just love it when you knitting has a mind of its own?

At 1/09/2007 , Anonymous Christy/ Not Hip said...

Woodstoves come in handy. I actually have a hat blocking in front of mine right now.

At 1/12/2007 , Anonymous cheryl said...

and it's even colder today. Wish I could stay home from work.


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