Christmas Gifts received 2006

The case was part of a gift from my parents and looks like a makeup case. I could not think of a use for it (I cannot wear makeup) and thought about letting my daughter use it at school for her theater makeup. Then I saw what a cute knitting case it could be. I like it! I can even prop my pattern up with it. My daughter gave me a knitting book called Hip Graphic Knits (knitting books are always a good gift) and my son got me a beautiful red velvet box of Sees chocolates (a rare treat).

Work In Progress

I started out thinking I was knitting a sock for a knit-along but the image of a mitten kept popping in my head every time I picked it up to work on it. So a mitten it will be. I am following the sock pattern on the top of the mitten and stockinet on the palm. I love the decorative edging on the cuff. I hope the next project wants to be socks.


At 12/29/2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how we can turn anything into a "great knitting case?"

DH gave me one of those bath sets, you know with bubble bath and such, and I said, "hey, this would be a great project bag" about the packaging!


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