Low Tech Fun

My swift and ballwinder. I usually wind the hanks at the LYS but I enjoyed this yarn so much I did not wind it right away. I decided that today I would wind it into a ball and play with it.

Manos. The colors whisper the promise of spring when the air is still crisp.

I only have 1 hank and so I tried to choose the project carefully. I decided to knit either mittens, wristwarmers, or a scarf. I settled on a scarf. It is narrow and has little nubs or 'fingers' up the edge. I thought it could be a short scarf maybe fastened to itself in the front with a button. Mmmm... I dunno. I am tempted to frog it and think it over some more. Maybe wristwarmers. I have had fun playing with my wonderful little ball of yarn.


At 1/21/2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

very pretty yarn. mmmmmm yarn

At 1/24/2007 , Anonymous Mrs. Twisted said...

Oh my, that has to be the prettiest Malabrigo I've seen! (and Jerry has a LOT of Malabrigo!) Whatever it wants to be, its going to be glorious!

At 1/24/2007 , Anonymous Mrs. Twisted said...

Ooops, I mean Manos! :)


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