May 2006 .... and more projects

May was the month in which I launched a local knitting group called the "Praise-n-Purl Knitters". We meet at the local library on the first Tuesday of the month. It is meant to be an oasis during the lunch hour - a time of refreshment. I can't think of too many things more enjoyable than knitting with friends.

A friend asked if I would knit him a hat. His specifications were that he liked blue and gray and he wanted a pattern of water on it. This is a picture of what I came up with. I call this hat Noah (aka Levi's hat):

My son picked out the sock yarn that he wanted for his hand knitted socks. He is a teenager who wears shoe size 12 to 13 in mens. I had to reinvent the toe about 3 times to get it right. I was torn between doing a very gradual decrease or knitting straight out to the toe and then decreasing rapidly at the very end. I chose the gradual decrease. These are Skylar's Sox:

Opal Superwash Sock Yarn with reinforcing thread in the heels and toes; 2 socks on 2 circs, top down.


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