May 2006 Projects

I completed my knitting bag ensemble with a needle cozy and a notions bag. I used Cat Bordhi's needle cozies as my inspiration. Using Lamb's Pride I cast the needle cozy onto straight needles length wise and added in a few rows of Flora for splashes of color. I seemed it up, felted it, and then while still wet I stuck it on a long wooden spoon handle and gave a few good twists. This caused the little drops of color to spiral up the cozy.

I could not decide exactly how I wanted to build the notions bag but speed and simplicity won out. I just made it up as I went. It is simply a very long rectangle with decreases on one end to make a flap and then I made an I-cord loop for the buttonhole. I still have not found that perfect ball-type button. I went to the store to look through the little-girl ponytail holders thinking I could cannibalize one that had balls on it but I could not find even one. Maybe I will have to make one. Inside the notions bag I have colored plastic grid stuff that I wove elastic cord through so that all my notions would not end up in the bottom of the bag. Because of the way the elastic is woven I can use both sides of the grid.


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